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White Shark expedition departures from San Diego, California.

  dive certification necessary.

Diving With Sharks takes all the guesswork out of shark diving adventure travel and delivers what you are looking for...sharks!

Working with the top rated commercial shark diving company with multiple peak season white shark expedition dates to choose from and over 10 years shark handling experience, we will get you face to face with a great white shark this fall. The crews from Shark Diver know this dive site as only qualified shark handlers know great whites. They will answer all your questions and guide you into the wild world of Isla Guadalupe. It's all about high adventure and an expedition that leave you breathless. It's the once-in-a-lifetime kind if rush that you can only get cage diving with great white sharks!

Your next adventure vacation involves a 1800 pound great white shark, his name is "Shredder". It will be you, in a cage, at one of the last places on the planet where you can consistently see wreat whites from California. Thought this could never happen to you?

Make this your year to discover Isla Guadalupe and the oceans top predator just inches from our industries largest and best built shark cages. Divers seeking a week long encounter with the ocean's ultimate predator no longer need to travel over 5000 miles to South Africa or Australia. This newly named "Bio Sphere Reserve" located 200 miles into the Pacific has it all



Discover Great White shark excitement out of San Diego, California. You do not need to be dive certified to do it!

With the of the West coasts top shark diving vessel we can offer you the right vessel at the right date, at the right time for you.

Diving With Sharks would like to offer you a discount if you are in the military, fireman, or first responder worldwide.

Diving With Sharks only work with shark diving experts. These crews have been there, know the vessels and will get you into the shark expedition of a lifetime!

Diving With Sharks have carefully selected only the best shark diving vessels operating out of sunny San Diego, California and Mexico. We choose vessels that are up to date, SOLUS rated, and have the trained shark diving crews who have actually been on this shark site and know the sharks you will be encountering. You have a choice when choosing a great white shark expedition. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of your next you can enjoy your vacation.

If you choose to join Shark Diver on the MV Horizon, or one of their private yachts we will guarantee that the crews, food,
accommodations, and operations will be the best you can get, and that you will only be on this dive site at the absolute peak of the shark diving season. After all with a company name like Diving With Sharks - we deliver the sharks!

This is your year to meet "Shredder" at Isla Guadalupe
Book your adventure with us today!

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