Bahamas 2011 Tiger Shark Diving

Shark Diver has been in the business of serious adventures for over ten years, and 2010 was a fantastic first shark season at this featured dive site. We made history with the first ever bottom and floating cages ever deployed at Tiger Beach. These cages were a definite must at this site. As our video will attest we were amazed at the sheer number of sharks we discovered here. This is the perfect next step from Great White shark diving at Isla Guadalupe for those that want to discover the "Marquee Species" of sharks safely from state of the art cages.

You and 6 other divers will join Shark Diver for seven days out of Freeport Bahamas aboard the Bahamas latest long range live aboard "RV Tiburon". She offers you the most unique and exciting scuba diving available. The 7 day schedule is flexible, with a high emphasis on sharks and shark encounters. The size of this vessel and stability in seas makes her our first choice.  

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Top Shark Diving
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Australia has some of the most diverse scuba diving destinations available anywhere in the world, making this vast island nation undoubtedly unique.  With it's combination of the Great Barrier Reef and tropical marine life that it supports in the north, along with the temperate diving zones and the temperate marine life of the south, Australia offers some of the most diverse scuba opportunities available anywhere.  A visit with the great white sharks near the Neptune islands of southern Australia may be the pinnacle of a diver's career! 
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In the early to mid-seventies, ironically at the height of the popularity of the movie "Jaws," the Bahamas became known world-wide as a pioneer in shark diving and shark feeding dives!  With it's clear, pristine waters, and dive sites including great wall diving and blue holes, and its abundance of reef sharks, the Bahamas have become known as one of the world's best places for divers to encounter sharks in their own natural environment.  Sharks can be found in literally all waters around the islands, and a number of experienced dive operators can assist you in shark encounters around the islands. 
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In the past 20 years, researchers made startling discoveries about California waters.  One is that they discovered that great white sharks were returning to the Farallon Islands and Ano Nuevo Island, off San Francisco and Santa Cruz,  year after year, to make dinner out of the resident population of seals there.  And another was that the remote Isla de Guadalupe, 210 miles south of San Diego,home to a robust population as well our featured commercial shark diving operation for this
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South Africa

Undoubtedly one of the top shark diving regions of the world, South Africa offers everything from shark diving with raggies to the ultimate experience of cage diving with Great Whites!  With an enormously long coastline, South Africa offers an array of diving opportunities.  With it's warmer waters in the north, tropical and sub-tropical species inhabit the reefs, and whale sharks, turtles, dolphin, and ragged-tooth sharks  (another name for what we call sand tigers in the U.S.) can be seen on occasion in specific places.  Temperate waters to the south provide opportunities to dive in magnificent kelp forests, as well as the chance to dive in a cage surrounded by great whites! 
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