• Vacations are about choices and your next cage diving expedition with Great White sharks should be the same. Let us introduce you to the top rated vessel operating out of San Diego, California and Mexico. We have the peak season expedition dates to fit your busy schedule. At
    Diving With Sharks we only work with companies that deliver sharks.Some dates are generally better for weather, others the size of the sharks you'll be encountering. Either way this is the year you are going to meet a Great White. The crews we choose are all industry professionals.

    Early season shark dates often have the calmest weather and larger shark concentrations. Later season dates we call the Time of the Titans it's when the giant female (16+ feet long) arrive at the island. From ongoing research at this site we now know these animals migrate upwards to 2800 miles each year to and from this remote and remarkable island. The largest females and males always arrive later in the season.

    Let's go shark diving!


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Departing from H & M Landing San Diego, California.

84 foot Horizon has eight private air conditioned cabins with plenty of gear storage. This is her 9th shark diving season at Isla Guadalupe. A spacious sun deck and a complete entertainment salon she's got a great crew. Shark diving operations are some of the best in the fleet on this vessel. Beer and wine is included along with wetsuits and a trip DVD. Chef Mike is an amazing cook, he'll ensure you stay happy and full while you're with him and the crew.

2013 Shark Diving Dates

August 8-13,13-18,18-23, 24-29,29-Sept. 3

September 03-08,10-15,15-20,20-25

October 05-10,13-18,18-22,28-Nov.2


2014 Shark Diving Dates

August 10-15,15-20,20-25,25-30,30-Sept. 5

September 5-10,10-15,15-20,20-26

October 27-Nov. 1



Departing from H & M Landing San Diego, California

Available in 2012 exclusively for film crews and research teams, September through November 2012

Film crews and documentary crews from around the planet have discovered Isla Guadalupe and Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. From Discovery Channel to National Geographic, they have been astounded at the water quality and ease of shooting these magnificent Great Whites and Tigers...but these unique sharks sites are only the beginning.

Due to unprecedented demand by production companies for our shark production services Shark Diver has created a complete and full service shark production support company at Shark Divers. With rave reviews for our services based on safety, site management, and budget constraint, we'll get you the sharks when you want, on time and on budget.

Shark Divers brings together a wide selection of diverse and recognized talent within both the shark tourism field and film and television. Our mission is to bring you the tools and talent you need within the desired time frame and budget, and give you tangible results for any underwater shark project you have in mind.We source dive crews of any size, design and fabricate cage systems, source vessels and develop complete underwater dive sites and new shark sites all tailored to your specific needs and requests. We can also act on a consultation basis providing you with qualified shark experts when you need them for any project.

Imagine being able to ship expensive gear separately from the crew vessel, or adding specialty gear and crew as the shoot and local conditions demand. If you loose a piece of equipment we can get a replacement to you, such as a runabout, or film gear in a short order. Full shark production support means that your dollars go further and you have the shark diving crews, the gear, and the local expertise that you need to get the job done. We also have budget minded staff and a relaxed can-do attitude towards shoots. If it can be done on short notice, we can do it.





This is your year to meet "Fat Tony" at Isla Guadalupe
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